2 weeks down

How’s it going everyone?

It has been another great week here at the MTC. Time really is flying by! I am still enjoying it here, but I honestly just can’t wait to get to Portugal. Only a few more weeks!! There really isn’t too much to say this week. Every week is the same after all! I will try to think of some things though!

We did switch companions last week. I’m still not sure why, but now Elder Lara and I are together. I guess they just decided to enforce some segregation and put the two brown elders together! I’m actually pretty happy about it! We both speak much better Portuguese than the other two elders so it is much easier to teach the mock investigators. We already committed one to baptism! Obviously the investigators aren’t real, but we still take it seriously and do our best to have the spirit there teaching with us.

Teaching is basically the only time Elder Lara and I are able to be serious. The rest of the time we cannot stop joking around and laughing until we cry. We get along great! The sisters hate us for it. They say we make them lose focus. Haha whoops! I feel like having a good laugh every now and then is necessary though. Especially here in the MTC. It make is so much less stressful.

Last night we went to our Zone’s Pre P-Day Party. Apparently it happens every Monday night, but we just found out about it. We basically sat around for hours eating cookies and chips and salsa and telling stories that we have from back home. It wasn’t much of a party compared to Springville parties, but it was fun none the less! Very relaxing and laid back.

Us four Elders in the district really are getting along great. We have already made some of the best/funniest memories of my life. Most of them are centered around Elder Coomes (the color-blind ginger). He really says some of the funniest things. The best part is, he thinks what he says is true. For example, in class one day while talking about baptism and how to teach investigators about it, Elder Coomes said something about how “when you get a sprinkle baptism, it only washes away a few of your sins. But if you’re baptized all the way under, you can have all of your sins washed off!” Our entire class, including our teacher, was laughing so hard after that comment. He says things like this all day, every day. We now have a notebook dedicated to “Coomes Quotes” because they are too good not to write down.

That’s about all I have to say this week. There won’t be too much exciting news until I get out to Portugal! Just know that I love you all and I hope all is well! And write me some letters! Missionaries love letters! Tchau Tchau!!!

With love,
Elder Mehl


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