February 9, 2015

Hey fam,

Things are going great here. The past week has been chaotic to say the least. On monday I arrived in Beja and stayed there for a few days with Elder Doxey. We worked hard and taught some great lessons. We have a family who is close to baptism right now. Unfortunately some unnexpected complications came up in their lives and we need to resolve them first. Not sure how long it will take. On thursday morning we went to Lisbon to pick up our new comps. They arrived in the airport around 2:00. At 3:00 we had a quick meeting with them and Pres. Fluckiger, and then we got on a bus and rode for about 3 hours to the Algarve! We had a zone meeting the next day so we went straight to Faro instead of going back to Beja, and spent the night there. After a good meeting and interviews with Presidente Fluckiger, we hopped on another bus for one more three hour bus ride to Beja. It was a lot of traveling in very little time and we were all exhausted! Especially the new missionaries. Poor guys… My new comp is Elder Jones! He is from Grants Pass, Oregon! He loves hiking and being outdoors. We get along great. We had very little time to work together in our area, but the time we had was well spent. He is really getting the hang of being a missionary and is seems like he came to the field pre-trained. We had a really neat lesson with a man named Pedro yesterday that was 100% guided by the spirit. I let Elder Jones teach a big part of it and he did amazing. The gift of tongues is real. He just opened his mouth and all of the right words came out, including an invitation to be baptized. Pedro accepted, but said he wants to be sure he is ready for this and needs to stop smoking and drinking first.

I am getting pretty nervous about how fast time is flying by. I am loving every minute of my mission and cannot believe I am already near the end. I am excited to get home, but pretty darn anxious at the same time! I am just going to live it up until the end!

Love you all.

Elder Mehl


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