Signing Off

Hey Everyone,

So this past week has been pretty good! It has not been easy, by any means, but it has been wonderful. The best moment of it was sunday at church. It was so much better than last week. In the branch, we had one family of investigators who is marked to be baptized this week (assuming everything goes well), one part member family, and quite a few less actives who we have been trying to reactivate. Seeing them all walk into church was such a great blessing. I am really excited to continue working this next week to help them all progress more and to receive the blessings of the gospel that all too often we take for granted.

Today for Pday, we went to Evora, a city in the Alentejo with quite a bit of history. We visited a bone chapel (an old catholic chapel built entirely of bones from the local cemetery), an ancient roman temple, and a cathedral with some incredible architecture. I will show you some pictures of it all later!

I cannot believe that I am in my last week of my mission… It still hasn’t hit me yet! It has been, by far, the greatest experience of my life. Without a doubt, the “best two years”. I am so grateful for the blessing I had to serve in Portugal. It is a land that will always have my heart. I love these people. I am going to miss them so much. But I am so excited to return home to see all of you! Just a fair warning though… I have changed a lot! Haha you may have noticed it as we have emailed over the past twenty-four months. They are definitely good changes though. During my mission I have really come to understand the Atonement of Lord so much better. I have felt the power of it, and it has changed me into a better person. How grateful I am for having this great gospel in my life, and for knowing that Jesus is the Christ, and that we do have a loving Father in Heaven will always take care of us.

I don’t know if I will have time to write next week. If don’t, I guess this is my last time signing off! The next time we talk, it will be face to face!!! I love you all. Have a blessed week.

Elder Mehl


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