A Ultíma….

Hey fam!

So today was transfer day! My last one… I am not really sure how I feel about that. I was transferred to open a new are and train a new missionary in a town called Beja. It is a pretty small town that has a lot of farms and lots of cattle. On the two hour train ride over here I am pretty sure I saw more cows than people! I feel right at home. There will be one other set of missionaries in our house, Elder Doxey (he will go home with me) and his new greenie. Two missionaries at the end, and two at the beginning. It should be a party!

From what I have heard, we have a great branch that has some fire for missionary work right now. We are going to give it our all to help it grow and prepare the way to open a stake in this part of the country.

This last week was great. We had mission council and zone meeting which went really well. I was on a spiritual high! The work in Sacavém was also starting to go really well. We started teaching three complete families who have so much potential! I was sad to leave them, but we will find some more here! On sunday, my last day in the area we went to a members house for lunch. She had asked me the week before what food I miss most that my mom used to make and I told her enchiladas. She said “okay then I will make you enchiladas!” and she did…so we ate enchiladas made by an angolan women in portugal…They were actually really really good!

Anyways, not too much else is new. I will tell you more about the area next week when I know some more.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Mehl



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