January 12, 2015

Hey fam!

So today was one of the best p-days ever!!! We went to Sintra, a vila outside of lisbon that is full of history. We had a great time exploring an old moorish castle and an incredible palace called “Palacio da Pena”. It was a great activity and we got some great pictures out of it, but we took up tons of time so I don’t get to send any emails today… sorry! I will try to recap the week really quick though… It has been great. We have three investigators who are making great progress: Tatiana, Filipe and Argy. They are all young adults and all have a great desire to learn about God and his plan for them. Filipe and Argy both came to chruch yesterday and really enjoyed it. After church we had a lunch in a members house and brought Filipe with us. The member gave him tons of support and bore a powerful testimony to him of how the gospel has changed her life. We also left a great message about the atonement using D&C 19, one of my favorite sections, which brought the spirit in so strongly. I love talking about the atonement. It is such an amazing act of love and sacrifice. I have come to know it so much more since I have come out on the mission and am so grateful for it! I don’t think we really talk about it enough to be honest… It should be the focus of all of our gospel conversations! We are excited to keep working here in sacavem. It is starting to go really well. Hope you all have a great week! love you!

Elder Mehl


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