Miracles :)

Hey Family!

This week has been great! working with my new comp., Elder Gardner, has been a blast! Full of good hard work and some really great experiences.

These past few weeks we have been focusing a lot on teaching an elderly woman named Aida. She is such a sweet lady and was introduced to the church a few years ago by a friend. She was given a book of mormon, but never taught by the missionaries, nor went to church. About a month ago, we were inspired to talk to her on the street. During our very first conversation with her, she opened up a ton and cried to us, telling us she really wanted to come closer to Christ. We invited her to be baptized on the spot, and she said yes. We continued teaching her and had some really incredible lessons in which the spirit was so strong that it brought everyone to tears. She continued to progress and was baptized on saturday morning!!! She is so happy too! When we first got to know here she couldn’t even force a smile, but know, she can’t get one off her face! She is so excited to keep learning and growing!

On Friday, we visited Aida to have her baptismal interview (eveyone has to be interviewed before being baptized to verify that they really have testimonies). During the interview, we waited outside her house. As we waited I saw her next door neighbor on her front patio doing some cleaning. I felt impressed to talk to her, so I did! It turned out to be a great decision. The lady with whom we spoke became really interested in the church, accepted a Book of Mormon, and said we could visit her another day. That wasn’t the good part though. I asked her if she lived alone and she said the she didn’t actually live there, but it was the house of her daughter and she was just there helping out. I told her we would like to meet her daughter too but she said it wasn’t worth it becuase she doesn’t really believe in God. Next thing you know, a younger woman came up the stairs behind us and entered the gate. She walked in without saying a word. We asked the first lady if it was her daughter and she confirmed. After a bit of persistance, the daughter, Silvia, finally came out and talked to us. We had about a thirty minute conversation with her right there at the gate and it was incredible. We said a prayer for her, and then taught her how to pray. At the end, she said she felt so good inside she was going to cry! Hah then, she said the best thing a missionary can hear somebody say: “I think I am going to be a mormon.” hahah MIRACLE! The Lord really is preparing people for us to teach right now.

I hope all continues to go well at home. I hope you all enjoyed General Conference and remember the words the Prophets spoke to us. Please, have faith in them and apply them in your lives. The Gospel really is the most important thing we have. Don’t let anything distract you from it! Love you all so much. Take care 🙂

Elder Mehl





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