September 15, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I didn’t write last week…. Time has been short lately! This weeks email is going to have to bee a quick one too! The work has been going great though. Lately, we have been working a lot with a lady named Lurdes. She is incredible! She has been progressing like crazy the past little while and was finally baptized this past saturday. She is so happy too. Her entire family is against her joining the church, but she knows that it is true, and so she decided to go for it. She was pretty sad that none of her family was there at her baptism and pretty worried about what will happen now that she is baptized, but she is happy with her decision and is so excited to continue to learn and serve in the church. She is amazing. The next relief society pres. here for sure! This passed week we found a little family (a mom and her two daughters) and started to teach them. They came to the baptism on saturday and church on sunday and really enjoyed it. They are marked to be baptized in two weeks! I hope all continues to go well back home in Utah. Love you all!

Elder Mehl


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