Miracle Week

Hey everyone,

My first week here in Porto has been incredible. Literally, full of miracles. I feel so blessed! The greatest miracle of all was a man named Luis. He is amazing! He is 41 years old and has really been looking for some help in his life. Last saturday, he walked passed the church while another ward was having a baptism. Two sister missionaries were outside. He asked them if the church could help him be more mentally stable. They told him yes, and invited him to watch the baptism. He went and really enjoyed it. The sisters found out the he lived in our area and so invited him to church the next day. He came and was presented to us. He agreed to be baptized the following sunday. We taught him all of the missionary lessons in three days. He quit smoking in less than half a week. He went from being a mental wreck to a confidente, happy man, in a matter of a few visits. He was baptized yesterday after church. It was incredible. In a matter of eight days, this mans like has changed completely, all because of the Gospel! Holy smokes I know it is true! The miracles it brings are amazing!
Here is a picture of Luis and his baptism.

Apart from his baptism, there were tons of other great things that happend. For example, a lady from Moçambique called the other day saying she was contacted by the missionaries in the past, but didn’t have much time to listen to them. She said she wants to learn more now. We taught her about the restoration and now she is progressing in the gospel. It was neat! We also have a recente convert who was baptized just three weeks ago who brought a friend to church yesterday and has already taugh her a lot about the church and helped her develope a great intressed to learn more. The Lord really is hastening His work here in Portugal! It is such a blessing to be a part of it!

I hope all continues to go well with everyone back home. Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder MehlDSC02613[1]


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