Priesthood Power

Hey everyone!

So this week was pretty slow… We did have some pretty sweet miracles happen though! The best was by far an opportunity we had to give an elderly lady a priesthood blessing. She has been poor in health and has been having some horrible back pains which have been preventing her from doing literally anything. All she would do was sit in a chair all day, unable to stand up. Pretty rough. We explained to her what the priesthood is and how becuase of the restoration we can give special blessings of health (she is not a member). We asked her if she would like one and she agreed. We told her that it would work according to her faith. We then administered the blessing and told her to rest. The next day the miracle came… She was cured! She said she was without any pains in her back and feeling so much better. Now she is again able to walk, work and live as she wants to. She knows it is becuse of the blessing as well. The Priesthood is real guys. I know it and am so grateful for it! Never forget the blessing we have to have this precious power on the earth today! I have to get going now, I love you and miss you all! Have a great week!

Elder Mehl


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