July 28, 2014


How is everyone doing this week? Things are going great for us here in Caldas! The work is really starting to go a lot better! Yesterday was a great sunday. We had two new investigators come to church for the first time, Daniel and Moisés. They are both young men who have a great desire to follow Christ. Daniel is really starting to progress well. He loves the book of mormon and is developing a great testmony of it. He absolutely loved Alma chapter 32 which compares faith to a seed and told us that a seed has been planted in his heart and that it is growing. He said it feels great and is starting to be “delicious” to him. He is planning on continuing to come to church and said he will be baptized when he feels it is what God wants for him. He will get there!

Today for Pday we decided to buy ourselves a treat so we went to a little restaurante called Mr. Pizza. We heard it has some of the best pizza we can get around here. We got there and orded two “Maxi” sized pizzas for just us to. They were 50cm each! I am pretty sure that is about 20″, so huge… Needless to say we couldn’t finish it. It was pretty delicious though! Now we have a refrigerator stuffed full of cold pizza. Mmmm.. Best breakfast ever!

I hope all continues to go well back home! Love you all so much! Have a great week, and KEEP THE FAITH!

Élder Mehl

One slice of this pizza is bigger than an average plate...

One slice of this pizza is bigger than an average plate…



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