June 9, 2014

This week was a great one here in Caldas! Our investigators are doing great! João and Alice continue to progress a ton. We had quite a few lessons with them which went really well. They are picking up on everything so well! They already have solid testimonies of the church which continue to grow. After church yesterday I asked Alice what she learned and she told all about priesthood keys and how this is the only church that has them! How neat!

Speaking of priesthood, we had a great opportunity to exercise it this past week with Alice. She has been having quite a few health problems and had heard something in church about blessings of health. She aksed us about them while we were there one day and, after we explained more, she asked us to give her one. I asked her if she had faith that Christ could heal her. She said yes. We administered the blessing and the results were phenomenal. She sprung of from her chair beaming! She had a huge smile on her face and told us that she felt so much better already. She could not stop thanking us. We testified of the power of the priesthood and the spirit was touching is all. It was amazing.

We also had a baptism this past saturday. It was for a lady named Conceção. It was a great meeting! I got to give one of the talks and it went great. The best part was by far the local. We don’t have a working font here in our chapel, so what do we do? We go to the ocean. It was amazing!!! I think all baptisms should be performed in the ocean… I would love to send pictures, but I am at an internet cafe right now and that isn’t really possible. I will see what I can do next week. I hope all continues to go well back home. Have a great start to summer! Love you!

Elder Mehl


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