May 12, 2014

Hi everyone!

This week was absolutely amazing! It was a week full of miracles. The best part was, by far, Gercilania. She is that young lady from São Tomé who we found two weeks ago who is here very little time due to her daughter’s medical complications. Anyways, we have been teaching her basically every day ever since we meet her and has been growing her faith and testimony like crazy! It has been remarkable how quickly she learns and grows. There were a few times when we would be teaching her and we would ask her some questions just to make sure she was understanding everything well and she would give the most perfect responses. For example, once when we asked what she understood about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the church she explained to us everything from the great apostasy to modern church today which is guided by living prophets. She also included many details about the Prophet Joseph Smith and even cited the first vision word for word. I was in awe! Anyways, this past weekend, she was baptized and confirmed. It was so special! She asked me if I would baptize her so that made it a hundred times better. Since being baptized, she has literally been beaming. She is definitely different, for the better! Other than that there isn’t too much to say, other than I love you all and it was so great to talk to you yesterday! Happy mother’s day again to the best mom ever! 🙂 Have a great week everyone. Fiquem bem.

Elder Mehl

Missionaries of Miratejo :)

Missionaries of Miratejo 🙂

Gessy's Baptism!

Gessy’s Baptism!


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