April 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

How was your Easter? Isn’t it wonderful to have a special day to remember the sacrifice and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ? I hope you all did something special to remember Him and to give thanks to Him. My Easter was amazing! I feel like all religious events/holidays are made about 100x more special as a missionary. The day started out great. We went to church and had wonderful meetings with amazing lessons and talks. We also an investigator family show up together! Julia, Anildo, and their baby boy Julian. They are amazing! Seeing them walk in to church together was so special.

After church, we had lunch with a family in the ward. It was a great Easter feast! Unfortunately, right before we started eating my clumsiness came out and I knocked over one of the expensive wine glasses on the table. It tipped over, knocking over another one which hit and shattered over the sauce boat. I felt so bad… The kids thought it was awesome though. Right when it happened they were laughing like crazy and making fun of me. A bit later when their dad walked in one of the little girls cried out to him, “Pai! Tem cuidado a não cortar tua boca no molho!” which translates to, “Dad, be careful to not cut your mouth on the sauce!” Needless to say, he got really confused and started asking why there would ever be danger in getting cut from a sauce. His daughter gladly explained, pointing right at me, that Elder Mehl broke the glass! I talked to him later and told him I would pay for it but they said no worries because they were getting kind of tired of that set. The mom told me that I did well, and if I want, I can break one next week too. Ha it is a great family.

Later in the day we had a lot of great opportunities to serve. We visited an elderly lady from Guinea Bissau who doesn’t have any legs so she can’t come to church. We passed by and gave her the sacrament. When we showed up, she was throwing a huge birthday party for her daughter. That meant lots of food, lots of music, and lots of africans. It was fantastic. The night ended by visiting another member who is bed ridden because of a car accident. She has undergone many surguries and will have yet another this tuesday. We passed by to give here a visit, administer the sacrament, and then give her a blessing. It was an amazing visit. Very spiritually uplifting! All in all, it was a great Easter!

I hope you all continue to do well, don’t forget the special spirit we all felt this weekend. Remember it always and stay faithfull! Love you all.

Beijinhos, Elder Mehl


My new comp, Elder Walker, and Me

My new comp, Elder Walker, and Me



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