April 14,2014

Ola Meus Queridos!!!

How is life for all of you back in the good old USA? I hope all is well! This week went really well for Elder Luebke and I. We focused on finding good new investigators because all of ours are having some pretty big problems that are halting their progress. It went great! We found quite a few amazing people with whom we had great first lessons. I think my favorite lesson was with a young couple named Carlos and Jacimira. We found them knocking doors. They told us that they couldn’t talk right then, but that we could pass by that Saturday. We passed by at the marked hour and found Carlos there in the window. He said that it didn’t work anymore because they has some “visitors”… He later specified that they were Jehovah’s witnesses. We asked him if we could pass by in a couple of hours and he said sure. We eventually got in their house and got to know them a little better. They are incredible! The are talking with a lot of religions right now and going to a lot of different churches, just looking for the one that is right for them. We taught them about the restoration, and they loved it! They are excited to learn more and really want an answer telling them that they found the right path. This has shown me that God really does prepare His children to receive the gospel! There are so many people here that are just waiting for us, we just need to find them! Today we had transfers. I am staying here in Miratejo, but Elder Luebke got transferred. I am now serving with Elder Walker! He is a pretty cool kid! Really young on the mission, but has a lot of desire to learn. I am excited to help teach him! I hope you all have a great week. Remember to never hesitate to share the gospel! Love you all!

Elder Mehl


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