March 24, 2014


How is everyone doing? This week went pretty well here in Miratejo! The work continues to progress. Our investigators are doing great. We had a great lesson with a lady named Julia who has been investigating the church for about 9 months. She has a testimony of everything, she just hasn’t been able to get married to her spouse. They have been together for quiet some time and have an adorable baby boy. Right now the spouse is living in Bragança going to school. We taught her about the importance of the family, marriage, and the law of chastity. It was a fantastic lesson in which the spirit was very strong. She has a lot of desire to get married so she can keep God’s commandments. Once she is married, or commits to living the law of chastity now, she will be baptized. We also had a couple of really cool lessons with some young men who have great potential to one day be worthy priesthood holders and great missionaries. I never really got the opportunity to teach youth when I was in the north, but I love it! They have such sincere desire and they are the ones who will help the church grow in the future! Other than this, not too much to report. I hope all is well back home! Remember to stay strong in all things and always put the Lord in the first place. Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Mehl


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