March 10, 2014

Bom dia a todos!

How is everyone doing?? This past week has been fantastic! I love everything about my new area and companion. The work is progressing so well here and the ward is so amazing! We had quite a few fantastic lessons with some of our investigators this week. We are teaching a family of four right now and they are so prepared for the gospel. The parents were baptized quite a few years ago in an evangelical church but left because they realized it was full of apostasy and have been praying ever since asking God to tell them what to do. The dad, Orlando, had already been to church quite a few times and is already set on being baptized. His spouse is but tougher because she works on sundays and can’t make it to church. During church this past sunday, Orlando was participing like crazy during the lessons and even gave a brief testimony about how the true church Jesus Christ was restored along with the priesthood by a modern day prophet. Hearing an investigator say that is seriously one of the best things ever… Unfortunatly he and his wife are not married yet but they have already been thinking about it and want to be married in the future so there shouldn’t be too many problems there. All in all, this family is a huge blessing for us and our work and it has been an amazing experience teaching them this past week. We also had a great lesson with a young lady named Valda this past week about the Plan of Salvation. At the end of the lesson, she gave the closing prayer and in it asked God to help her realize her dream of being baptized. The spirit was so strong during that prayer, it was amazing! She just needs to talk to her boss about getting Sundays off of work and she will be baptized soon. Apart from these investigators, we have a lot more who have tons of interest and are progressing greatly. This area really is so prepared for the gospel and is growing tremendously. I am really excited to keep working here. Thank you all for the love, support and prayers you send my way! Love you all so much, have a great week!
Elder Mehl

Our chapel in Miratejo!

Our chapel in Miratejo!

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