Hey everyone! 

So I have some pretty crazy news… I got transferred! And I am leaving the northern part of portugal! Last night I got the craziest phone call I imagined from my district leader. He told me I am going to serve in an area called Mirateijo which is a huge ward near lisbon and that I will be serving as district leader and will be training a new missionary..! CRAZY! I am pretty nervous about it all but still super excited for the opportunity. I am honored that the Lord trusts me enough to call me serve here and have these new responsibilities. 
My last week in Vila Real went well. We had a great sunday and finally got one of our investigators, the husband of a member, to go to church with his family. It was the most amazing things seeing them all walk in together! He said that he is really thinking about the importance of the gospel to his family and I know that he will be baptized here soon. We already planned on meeting in Spain in a couple years to gather together at the temple for his and his wife’s sealing! Later in the day we passed by some of our investigators and members to say by. It was honestly horrible… I hate goodbyes and I hate seeing people cry. Haha I really am so grateful to have served here and gotten to know these people. I will miss them for sure! 
Right now I am just excited to get going in this new area. I am going to have to work harder than ever, but it will be great, no doubts! We will have tons of success here, for sure! Hope all is going well with you folks back home. Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Mehl

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