Happy New Year

Hey eveyone! This past week has been great. For new years we went to Porto for a Zone Meeting and had a great time. On new years eve we got permission from Presidente to stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks over the river. At 11:45 we went up to the roof of the building (tallest building in the city) and were really hoping to see a great show. Unfortunately all we got was the sound. It was so foggy we could hardly see the road bellow us. All we saw were little flashes of light out in the distance. It was still great though! At midnight we all joined together and sang our mission hymn for the first time of 2014! Working with Elder de Barros has been fantastic. He is a great missionary and has taught me so much. It has actually been pretty refreshing to be junior companion again for a little bit. It has shown me that I still have so much to learn! I am kind of sad he is going home in a couple of weeks. I guess I just have to make the best of my time with him and learn all I can in these next two weeks! I hope all is well with everyone back home! Love you all so much! Have a great 2014!!!


Downtown Vila Real





Elder de Barros and I




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