Derik’s companion gets hit by a car

Hey Everyone,

This past week has been pretty crazy! It started of with a bang. Literally. Elder Seeley got run over by a car! It was crazy. We were crossing the street (yes we were using a crosswalk) And and old man in a van came flying around the corner without paying attention. I turned just in time to see him and grabbed Elder Seeley and tried to pull us both out of the way. I was able to avoid the van but Elder Seeley was walking behind me so he still got hit. He was hit pretty hard and rolled up the windshield and then fell of the side of the car. He hit the ground in a lot of pain and the old portuguese guy came our running and apologizing. We concluded that nothing was broken so I helped Elder Seeley off the road and on to the sidewalk. When I turned around, the guy driving the van was long gone! Tons of Portuguese ladies ran over to help, one even came running from the furniture store across the street carrying a chair for him to sit it. They were all just bashing on the guy who hit him and freaking out about how he ran away. One person even called an ambulence! Hah it was a mess. Elder Seeley walked away with some bruises and a sore body buy he is all good now! 
Later that same night we took a bus to Porto to go to our Zone conference. It was fantastic! Elder Timothy J. Dyches of the Seventy came and gave us some great council. We also heard a great talk about happiness and if it is a commandment to be happy. That is something I had never thought of before, but after hearing the talk it makes so much sense! God gives us commandments so he can bless us. If we keep the commandments, we will be blessed and the blessings will make us happy. Therefore, it is a commandment to be happy. So be obedient to God’s commandments, and be happy! 
Other than this the week was pretty ordinary. We had a couple of really cool lessons and starting teaching a family of four! They are amazing. One of the boys, Pedro (15 years old) has been progressing the most. He has tons of great questions and just wants to learn. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes it. When we asked him how the reading was going he said that when he reads it he feels something differnet that he can’t really explain. He said it “it feels like butterflies in the stomach.” We are going back to teach the family again tonight! 
I hope all is well with everyone back home. Have a great week and remember the Lord in all things! Love you all!
Elder Mehl
Ps. This next we will have transfers. I will let you know what happens.
Fire away
Ronoldo McDonoldo

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