Meus Queridos,

Hey everyone! this past week has been pretty good! Pretty rough though. It has basically been a week of cleanup. Basically none of our investigators are progressing so we just focused on finding new people to teach all week and it was great! We found a few people who have interest for sure. We found one lady named Amelia who is a very very catholic lady but said she would hear our message. As we got to know her we found out that she is actually employed by the Catholic church and lives her faith ever day. We went back to her house this past saturday and taught her the all about the apostasy and restoration. It went great. At the end of the lesson she said she had one question. “Why would Christ come down and tell a young man to start a church if He already had the Catholic church. It became obvious that she didn’t understand the apostasy at all so I just straight up told her that the Catholic church isn’t Christ’s church, but that it is an abomination in his sight. She just looked at me, shocked, and said “don’t tell me that!” I almost felt bad for a minute but then we talked about the blessings of the restored gospel and how she can know for herself that this really is the true church. She promised us she would read the Book of Mormon and ask God if what we said really was true. She is a woman of great faith and I really admire her devotion! I am excited to teach her again and see what happens. This next wednesday we are going to have a conference with four zones here in the north and the second counselor of the presidency of the area seventy, Elder Dyches, is coming so it be good! I will tell you about it next week! Anyways, times up. Have a great week and a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! Eat some turkey for me. Love you all!
Elder Mehl
O Distrito de Vila Real

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