The Work in Vila Real Begins!

Dear Family and Friends,

My first week here in Vila Real has been wonderful! I love this area and our branch so much. It is small (around 20 active members) and has lots of problems, but it is so special. This week has been a little bit rough because Elder Seeley and I basically opened up a new area here. We have gotten lost countless times and didn’t really have any solid investigators to work with when we arrived. The work is going a lot better now though. 
We found one investagator last week named Diana and she is incredible! She is a Brasilian with a husband and two young daughters. We taught her about the restoration of gospel last friday and she accepted all of our invitations to read the Book of Mormon, pray, come to church, hear the rest of the lessons and be baptized! Sunday came and sure enough, she came to church and loved it! She promised us the she will come back next week and bring one of her friends. We are going continue to teach her throughout the week and help her arrive at baptism. 

We have another investigator named Mario who grew up in the United States so we teach him in english. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Haha. The first prayer I said with him was the first prayer I have said in english since being in the MTC and it was one of the most awkward prayers I have ever heard. He is a really cool guy though. Very humble and very kind. He suffers from extreme depression and really wants to find a way out. He really wants the gospel to help him but he is a bit scared to try because he doesn’t want to be dissapointed again if doesn’t work. 
Anyways, other than this we have basically just been walking around Vila Real freezing our butts of and contacting everyone we can. All in all, this area is amazing and know we are going to have lots of success here. 
Love you all so much. Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great week! 
Elder Mehl

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