The work is moving forward! And I love conference.

Dear friends and family,

This past week has gone pretty well! The highlight of the week was, of course, General Conference! It was amazing!! It always is. But this conference was just something else. The sunday morning session was my favorite by far. I completely agree with President Monson’s words saying that that session was “the most inspired session of conference I have ever been to.” I don’t know how one could watch and not feel the Holy Ghost testifying to hearts, saying that those men truly are prophets of God. I know I felt it. There is no doubt in my mind that this truly is the true church of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of the Holy Ghost, I want to share a quick thought I had today. For P-Day, we went to downtown Porto to do some site-seeing and visit all the cool things. The majority of them were old Catholic churches. They truly were remarkable buildings. We visited one old church with a huge chapel with some of the most amazing sculpting I have ever seen. The chapel is absolutely covered in over 100kg of gold leaf. We also visited the cathedral in Porto. It is a great stone building full of giant stained glass windows. As we sat in these huge halls and looked at all of the Christian artwork I thought to myself that something was missing. It just felt empty. Sure, it had wonderful art, beautiful architecture, and a reverent atmosphere, but that was all. I then compared my feelings to those which I have experienced in the Temple, and I realized what was missing. It was the Holy Ghost. These old churches, though beautiful and built by devout christians, were built for a church of man, not for the church of God. They were not built with the power and the authority of Jesus Christ. The temples, on the other hand are built for our Lord and Savior, under His direction and His instruction. They are then dedicated to Him to be His house. And that is just what they are. This experience was just another testimony to me that this church really is the true church on the earth. There is no other. It is pure and it is perfect, just like the One whose name it bears.

Now, I am about out of time, but I willl give you a quick update on the work going on here. It really is moving forward. We have quite a few people who are pretty close to baptism, they are just too scared to take the step right now. They will come around here soon. We also found a super elect family this past week! It consists of a mom, dad, and two sons! They seem eager to learn about the gospel and I can’t wait to teach them.

Well, I have to go! Have a great week everyone. Love you all

Love, Elder Mehl


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