More faith

Hey everyone!

Not gonna lie, this past week has been pretty rough and caused my faith to dwindle a little bit at the beginning, but no worries, it is back know! I was just getting a little frustrated with a few investigators who want to know the truth, but won’t do their part to get an answer. This (and a few other things) put me in a bad mood which caused the work to suffer. On friday, however, I did a division with one of my zone leaders in his area and all of that changed! I learned so much from him! He basically taught me that the success of my area is up to me and my faith, the people we teach. If I have faith, God will bless them with the Holy Ghost and they will be more prepared to progress in the gospel. Since the division, I have really started to try working with much more faith and it has definitely made a difference! In me, especially. I am starting to have a lot more fun with the work and not getting down when I get rejected or flipped of (it happens quite a bit here, haha) or anything like that! Anyways, sorry this email is super short, I had to help the Bishop do a bunch of stuff with the entertainment system in the chapel so I don’t really have to much time to email. Included are just a few pictures of the trip to Porto last week. Enjoy, and have a great week!

Elder Mehl


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