This week has been pretty great! I have been absolutely soaking wet the entire time, and unfortunatly it isn’t from standing in the baptismal font for too long. It has just been raining like crazy. Speaking of baptism, I have good(ish) news!!! Aida wants to be baptized!!! The only problem is that when we told her she had to be baptized exactly like Jesus Christ was baptized (with proper authority and everything) she took and a little bit too literally and decided she wants to be baptized in the Jordan River… In Israel. She is completley serious. Unfortunatly this is impossible, even though it would be super cool. This week we are just going to keep teaching her and try to convince her to be baptized here, with the spirit of course. Other than that nothing too exciting has happend this week. Good thing too because I am fresh out of time on email. I hope everything is going great back home. Love you all! Bejinhos!!!

Love, Elder Mehl


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