Hey Everyone!

This week has been pretty good! We have been focusing a lot on reactivation of inactives. One night during our planning session we got out our members list and chose a couple of names of inactive members to pass by. One of the few we chose was a woman named Cidália. We went to her house the next morning and had the greatest experience! Cidália opened the door with a huge smile on her face and invited us into her house. We got to know her a bit and found out she had been really missing the church the past week and was wanting to come back but was a little bit scared to. We then met her daughter, Juliana, and talked a bit with her. She told us that that very day was the eight year anniversiary of her baptism and that the day before she had been going through her baptism photos. She said that the past couple of days she had been thinking a ton about the church and was having doubts if it really was true. She had been praying fervently asking God to please send her an answer. Then, the very next day, we missionaries showed up at her door for the first time in years! She was overjoyed and new that it was an answer from God. She told us that now she now knows with certianty, that this church really is God’s church on the earth. This experience really made me feel like a tool in the Lord’s hands, helping Him help His people here in Portugal. The best part of it all was seeing Cidália in sacrament meeting with her daughter renewing her covenants she made with Father in Heaven. In other news we got transfer calls last night and I will be……STAYING! Again. Haha that will make four transfers here in my first area. It is all good though, I like it here so no worries. I hope you all have a fantastic week this week! Love you all!

Love, Elder Mehl

PS Happy Mexican Independence day! Eat a tamale for me.


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