This past week week has been pretty good. The work is moving along great. Unfortunatley we have not had the opportunity to teach Julio and Rosa again due to some health issues of Julio, but they are still doing well and still want to learn more! This week Elder Mallory and I decided to do a fast to help us reach some of our goals. The day we did it was extra tough. It was super hot, we were tired and thirsty, and literally everyone in the streets was rejecting us, more so than usual. We kept working though, and had faith that something good would come from it.

At the end of the night, we saw a lady walking alone and decided to contact her. I started talking to her and she was open to listen. We started out by telling her about how we have lifving prophets in these days. Immediatley she askes “what is your prophets name?” So we told here. Then out of nowhere she asks us “Do you guys have a church around here?” “When does it start?” “What do you guys do there?” And then the best question I have ever been asked on my mission: “Can I come?” My jaw was literally on the floor. I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn’t. She came to church, and stayed all three hours. She loved it all, and learned a ton. In Sunday school the teacher taught about baptism and directed it to her 100%. After chuch we explained baptism more and showed her the font. She said the only problem she would have is of joining is that she really really likes the pope right now, but that she will think about being baptized. The most amazing part is that she is doing all of this by herself. We still haven’t even had a lesson with her, yet she already came to church, and already invited herself to be baptized. This was a huge testimony builder for me. There really are people out there who are prepared to hear and accept the gospel. We just need to find them! We are planning on teaching here tomorrow morning, and, if all goes well, we will mark her for baptism!

The Church is true everyone. There is no doubt in my mind. Never forget the blessings this gospel has brought your lives, and NEVER hesitate to share it with others. That would be selfish. Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Mehl

Maia Zoo (Yes Jared, that is your calle tshirt. I found it the night I was packing and decided to just bring it with me so I could remember you while I am gone. I hope you’re okay with that :))

Zone meeting20130917-114316.jpg


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