Hey everyone!
This week has been another great one here in Maia. Number-wise it was kind of week, but when it comes to quality, it was five-stars! Right now we have 5 investigatiors who are progressing greatly and have tons of potencial to be baptized. At the top of the list is definitley Julio and Rosa.
We found Julio at the beginning of the week in the road. As we were walking down the street, I saw him and felt like we should talk to him. I quickly changed my mind though, when I realized he was as drunk as a sailor. As we were about to pass him the impression to talk to him returned but stronger and so I said what the heck, lets contact him! As we talked to him and briefly explained our message we all felt the spirit very strongly. We prayed with there on the side of the road asking God to help him out with some specific problems he has. When we closed the prayer, he was hanging onto my shoulder sobbing. He thanked us about a thousand times and would not stop shaking our hands. We set up an appointment to go back to his house the next day and he promised he would be there. As we left the contact Elder Mallory and I just thought it was a cool little experience but had about zero faith that Julio would remember anything that had just happened, let alone be in his house when we passed by (he was really drunk…). The day came to pass by and guess what….he wasn’t there! So, we continued on with our week and basically forgot about him. At the end of the week, we were walking near the same area, and just happend to find him in the street again. We started to talk to him and he just started apologizing for not being in his house on the day we marked and asked us to please come back in an hour to which we agreed. An hour passed, and so we stopped by his house and to nobody’s suprise, he wans’t there again. We left his house and continued on with our day.
Throughout the entire day, he was on my mind nonstop. At the end of the night, after one of our plans had fallen, I decided that we should stop by his house one last time. When we got there, his wife opened the door. We talked with her for a bit about why were there and eventually Julio came to the door too! He was so happy to see us and quickly invited us in. We got to know them a little bit better and taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel. The LOVED it. Julio’s wife, Rosa, believes it is an answer to her prayers. They are so interested in the Gospel. After just one visit, they are already reading the Book of Mormon and came to church with their daughter! We are going back to teach them the second lesson in a couple of days. Had we not listened to the spirit and contacted that drunk guy on the street, none of this would have happend!
Other than them, we have a few other investigators who are SOOO close to baptism. They have testimonies of the Book of Mormon, they know the Church is true, and they believe everything we teach them. The just have a bit of fear of taking the step of baptism. We already have lessons marked with them this week to which we are going to bring some members.
I guess you could say I really am loving the work right now. There is definitely no place I would rather be than here in Portugal serving these people and bringing them the true gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Church is true everyone. Never forget it.
Love, Elder Mehl

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