My new armchair


This past week has been great for us here in Maia! We have been teaching tons of lessons, have found loads of new investigators, had a great 4th of July feast. and even scored a new armchair!

On our way home one night, saw a member in our ward carrying some furniture down the road to the dumpsters. We stopped him and asked if he needed some help. Turns out he was helping some of his friends move, and so he introduced us to them and we went to work helping! It was a great little opportunity to do some service. Among the things the man was throwing away, was an ugly greenish blue and grey armchair. When I saw it I immediatly wanted it. When we finished helping out, I told Elder Lee I was going to take the chair home. At first he thought I was kidding and joked along. When he realized I was serious he was shocked and kept telling me “There is no way! We are a 30 minute walk from home!” But I really wanted the chair… and so I picked it up, put it on my head, and walk 30 minutes to our house! I’m sure every person on the roads thought I looked ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter. It was completely worth it. The chair may be ugly, but it is sooo comfortable.

On a more serious note, the work really is going great. We have a couple of investigators right now who I know will be baptized. One is a 14 or 15 year old black kid named Igor who had met with the missionaries a ton before We got here. He and his mother and grandmother loved them and really accepted the gospel. They were never, however, baptized. We have been meeting with them regularly and it has been going great. The mom and grandma don’t have quite as much interest as they used to and don’t really want to change right now, but they are completely supportive of the boy being baptized! If all goes as planned, he should be baptized by the end of the month!

Lastly, I just want to encourage all of you back at home to do your part in the work. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are all called as missionaries to share the gospel with all those around us. Maybe not as full time proseliting missionaries, but missionaries none the less. It is all members’ duty to invite all people, including friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else we know, to learn and grow in the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. I promise you that as you share the gospel you will find a greater joy in your life and you will be greatly blessed, as will the people you share it with!

I love you all so much. Thank you for all the letters and emails you send me. They help me out so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Mehl



My new armchair


One thought on “My new armchair

  1. Derik,
    Your post brought back many memories of my time in the mission field. I have a similar experience to yours. It wasn’t an arm chair but a typewriter. I found it in a trash can (must have been discarded because the owner thought it was broken) picked it up and walked home with it. 30 mins of dismantling and installing and it roared to life. It was the best thing to type letters on to friends at home. Keep enjoying the mission and get lost out there, because nothing else really matters.

    Hoorah for Israel!

    Elder Forsman

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