It’s hot.


How’s it going everyone? This week has been great for us, but SOOO hot! The humidity has been killing us, and all of the people in Porto. We have been drinking around 5-6 liters of water a day each just to try and stay hydrated but it still doesn’t cut it. I am always thirsty! The people here do the greatest things to beat the heat. There are inflatable swimming pools literally everywhere. On porches, sidewalks, in the middle of the road, you name it. The people are also where a lot less clothing than normal.. hah we have seen our fair share of nudity lately. Especially with kids. Kids are always running around naked. I guess that’s what you get when you work in some of the less developed parts of the world where air conditioning doesn’t exist!
The work has been going really well for us. This past week was focused on reactivation and was really successfull! With the help of our Elders Quorum President, we found two inactive men who haven’t been to church in years and were able to bring them back! They both loved it and are completely committed to staying active!
That’s about all I’ve got time for right now. Sorry its so short this week! Love you all!
Elder Mehl

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