Spiders in a bottle

Boa Tarde!

This past week in Portgal has been kind of slow. We have been continuing our work with the members trying to get good references, and have focused a bit on helping inactives and recent converts.It has been going great. We were able to find a big family of eight people who seem somewhat interested in the gospel. They are really great, friendly people. The dad seems to have the most interest. Most of them were committed to coming to church with us yesterday. We stopped by there house in the morning to walk with them and the dad came to the door, dressed and ready to go. We got excited hoping they would all be coming but he told us nobody could go and he didn’t really want to go by his self. It made me so sad! I could tell that he really wanted to go to church and learn more about Christ, but he really wanted his family by his side when he did. We are planning on visiting them a lot this week and teaching them the lessons, and hopefully getting them to church with us.

We have also been going through our area book trying to find some old investigators who might be ready to take the step of baptism now. We found two woman, a mother and daughter, who live together who had accepted all of the lessons, attended church, and wanted to get baptized, but couldn’t becuase they couldn’t stop smoking. We decided to pay them a visit and were greeted by a young boy, the son of the daughter. We talked with him a bit and he told us to come back when his mother and grandmother were home. When we returned, we met the two ladies and they are fantastic! They still have a love for the gospel and still want to get baptized. We are meeting with them again tonight. I really feel like all three of this new investigators have great potential to become wonderful new members of the church!

In other news, our pet spider had babies today…Yes, we have a pet spider. And yes, I absolutely hate it. Elder Lee keeps it in an old juice bottle. He caught it before I arrived here. It is huge, and really really disgusting, and now there are 28 of them. I have been trying to convince him to throw it away but he won’t. For anyone that knows me well you should know that I have a terrible phobia of spiders and can’t even look at them without getting uncomfortable. Because of this I completely avoid an entire section of our apartment, just so that I don’t have to look at it. Haha, kind of ridiculous, but I have to! I also decided that if he gets a spider, I should get something too, so I bought a mini cactus today to put on my desk. It’s not much of a pet, but at least it is nice to look at!

Anyways, I don’t really have much else to say, other than I am amazed at how fast time has been going by. I have already been in Portugal for six weeks, and on the mission for twelve! Crazy… It is going to be over before i know it! I hope everyone back home is doing well! If anybody gets mission calls or gets engaged or something send me an email to let me know! Love you all so much! Até logo!

Fiquem Doce,
Elder Mehl




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