I love Portugal.

Hey everyone!

 I don’t have too much to say regaurding the work right now. It is still good but nothing too exciting has happend. We basically started from scratch this past week and have been focusing on finding people through members. It is definitely paying off! I am sure we are going to have much more success this way. Today I’m just going to take a bit of time answering a couple questions that a lot have people have asked me about life here in Portugal.

I’ll start of with something that basically everyone has asked me about: food. Unfortunately I am not a Português person who eats lots of Português food. I am a missionionary, living on a very tight budget. And so, I cannot tell you too much about what the food is like here. I can, however, tell you what we eat! It is the same every single day. We have breakfast at 8h00. I eat a bowl of yogurt and granola and sometimes a banana if there was a sale on them at the grocery store. Lunch is at 1 and is the best meal of the day. Usually we have sandwiches, pasta, or pizza (which we make ourselves). We are allowed an hour each day for dinner but we never take it because we think its a waste of time. We just wait until we get home and plan to eat again, usually just a bowl of cereal with chocholate milk. And that’s it! Not much, but it gets us by. 

We have gone out to eat a couple of times to get Francesinhas, the signature dish of Porto, and they are DELICIOUS! It is basically just a sandwhich stuffed different kinds of meat, topped with an egg, covered in cheese, and then smothered with a fancy sauce made out of four different types of alcohols. They didn’t sound like anything too special when I was told aobut them but wow, they are something else.

Another question I have been asked a lot is “what are the people like?” Well, they are very, very Catholic. It is really hard to get somebody to listen to our message because they are all set on their religion and don’t want to change. Occasionally we find evangelicals who are much more open to talk. Apart from a religious point of view though, the people are fantastic. So humble and very kind… once you get to know them. The first time we meet someone they are always really cold and don’t want to talk, but as we get to know them a little better and get them to trust us they come out of their shell and show that they really are wonderful people! Brasilians and Africans, on the other hand, are completely different. If we ever find one in the street we are basically guarenteed a new investigator. They are such open and friendly people. I love them!

All around, Portugal really is a fantasic place. I love it, and am so grateful to have been called to serve here. I haven’t really seen too much, just our little area up in Northern Porto, so I can’t really say too much about it, but I am sure the rest of the country is just as good, if not better than here!

That is basically all I have time for to, maybe one week I’ll have time to write everything I want to! As always, thank you all for the prayers, love, and support you send my way. I am so grateful for it and couldn’t do this without it! If anybody has any other questions about the work/culture here send them to me and I’ll do my best to answer! Love you all, Fiquem Bem!

Love, Elder Mehl







Castel do Queijo (Castel of Cheese) – Apparently they used to use this castle for maturing cheese. True story.







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