Another Awesome Week

*Sorry this is one week late, I forgot to post it last week 🙂


It has been another awesome week out here in Maia. We got a lot done and found lots of new investigators! We were supposed to have a baptism for a man named Mário this week but it unfortunatley fell through. We have been trying to contact him like crazy and stop by his house two or three times everyday but are never able to find him. It has been pretty dissapointing… No worries though. We have faith that he will get baptized soon. Hopefully this coming week if we can find him!

We have two other investigators who are pretty close to baptism two. They are two gypsies, José and Marina, who live in the most humble conditions and have the sweetest spirits. I have seen them progress so much since I have been here. They have such a strong testimony of The Book of Mormon. When we asked them to pray and ask God if it was true José told us he already had an answer. He said he knew without a doubt that it was the word of God because of the feeling he gets when he reads it. He continued and basically taught the entire rest of our lesson for us. It was awesome! They both want to be baptized but first we have to get them married which will be tough due to all the expenses.

This week I also had the wonderful opportunity to do a division with our Zone Leaders. I went to Foz do Douro and spent a day with Elder Ryan from Northern Ireland. He has a fantastic Irish accent in both English and Português. A lot of the people here have a really hard time understanding him. For example, at the end of one of our lessons with an older man, Elder Ryan asked if we could return later that week to share more of our message. The man responded by holding up the Book of Mormon we had just given him and saying “yes, yes! I will read! I promise!” Elder Ryan tried again asking the same question, just louder and clearer. The man responded in the exact same way. I decided to give it a shot and asked the man if we could return for another visit in basically the same exact wording used by Elder Ryan and he said of course! Please come back! And then we scheduled the visit. We talked about it after we left and apparently this happens to him quite often.

Not too much else has happened that is really all that exciting. Elder Lee and I did make some octopus one day though! It was delicious. You would have loved it mom. We want to try cooking rabbit next. We had dinner at a members house last night and it was so much fun. It really reminded me of our Sunday dinners at grandma and grandpas house. I miss those! Î hope you are all still doing them regularly. That’s all I’ve got for today. I love you and miss you all so much! Thanks for the support you give me and for praying for me daily! Até próximo semana! Tchau!


Elder Mehl


Our area


Elder Ryan and Me




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