Missionary Life

How’s it going everyone!

I’m still doing great here in Portugal! This week has been crazy. My first full week really out on the mission! This week has taught me all kinds of things. It’s incredible how fast you learn out here. To start off, I want to tell you a little story that may seem small to you, but is a miracle to us.

One night, after teaching a lesson to a wonderful investigator (who will hopefully will be baptized this sunday) we found a man named Alfredo on the streets walking his dog. It was late, and we were ready to go home, but we felt like we should talk to him. We approached him and began to talk to him about the gospel; he didn’t really want to hear it though, and instead, started telling us about his frustrations with money and how he recently got scammed. We listened (I barely understood anything…his accent was sooo thick) and nodded our heads. After what seemed like an hour of letting him vent to us we asked if there was anything we could do. He said no, unless we had a lawyer that could help him. Obviosly we don’t, so we told him we were sorry, asked if we say a prayer with him, and got his address asking him if we couldd come by later that week. He agreed and we said our goodbyes.

The week went on, and we completly forgot about Alfredo. I guess we just felt like there were other people that had more potential who we would rather talk to. Then, late on Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves in a baixo (basically a neighborhood/apartment complex) with nothing to do. One of our appoinments had fallen, and everyone we tried to call or visit was either unable or wouldn’t answer. So there we were, sitting on a bench with nothing to do. We thought, and thought, and eventually had the idea to do something we NEVER do here: knock doors. We thought that was such a terrible idea, but decided it was the spirit talking to us, and so we stood up to find the right door. We walked around the baixo trying to decide and, after going around a corner, we both pointed to a door and said “That one!” We approached the door, pressed the button on the intercom, and met a kind lady named Fatima who told us we could come in and talk when her husband returned in five or so minutes. So we waited and waited and just as we were about to leave (it was much longer than five minutes) a man turned the corner and started walking towards the door and guess who it was… Alfredo!!! Elder Lee and I just looked at each other amazed. He came over and greeted us and invited us into his house where we had a brief but wonderful lesson and prayer and then left, promising them we would return, which we will do this week.

After we left their house we just laughed at ourselves for being so dumb. We had decided ourselved that Alfredo had no potential without even asking the Lord who obviously knows much better than we do. We were so thankful that, despite our lack of faith, the Lord would guide us back to him. We don’t know if Alfredo and Fatima will infact progress, that is entirely up to them, but we do need to give them a chance.

So there you go, as I said it might seem like small coincidence or something, but I know it was something much more. Things like this prove to me over and over that this Holy Ghost is real and will be there to guide us to when we don’t know where to go.

Other than this, the week has been pretty alright! Unfortunatley full of dissapointment though. We had three investigators marked for baptism, one for this saturday, but had to unmark them because they failed to keep commitments. We can still have one this Sunday, but only if he comes to church! I’m praying that he does!

That’s all I’ve got for this week, I’ll include a couple of pictures of Portugal so you can all see where I am! Have a great week everyone, and remember to keep the faith! Love you all!

Elder Mehl

P.S…. I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t laugh at my name when I introduce myself…:( hahaha



Futbol courts everywhere!


Sunrise in Portugal


My lovely desk and companion, Elder Lee


The train station in Porto, first night in my area



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