Last Week in the MTC

Dear friends and family,
First off, I want to apologize if I have been bad at responding to letters and emails recently. This week has bee so crazy, I haven’t had any time! We have had meetings on meetings on meetings to prepare us to go out to the field. Yesterday we were in meetings for 9 hours straight with a brief twenty minute break in the middle. It was exhausting but made us all so excited to get out there. I cannot believe I only have a few short days left here in the MTC. I’m not going to lie, I am going to miss it. It is such a wonderful place and full of so many wonderful people. There really is no place like it! I have learned so much in my time here. Now I guess it’s time to put all that new knowlege to use with the people of Portugal! Speaking of Portugal, our travel plans were revised. We are no longer going to Atlanta or Amsterdam. Instead we will fly to Dallas/Fort Worth and then to London (yes mom, I will send you my itinerary).

The total travel time will be shorter this way but we will arrive in Portugal in the late evening rather than afternoon which is kind of a bummer. Oh well, as long as I get there soon I’ll be fine!
We had an awesom devotional last Sunday. Chad Lewis (former NFL football player for those of you that don’t know) came and basically gave us a big pump up speech for our missions. We all walked out of the building ready to go convert the world! It really wa
s a great way to send us off! After the devotional Elder Lara and I found him, shook his hand and had a quick talk with him. He really is such a great guy.
Other than that there has not been too much excitement this week. We did get to eat Beto’s and some fresh mexican tacos though. That was definitely a highlight. Two thumbs up to Elder Lara’s family for figureing out how to smuggle real food into the MTC delivery services. Oh, by the way mom, do you remember a Sirius Soto (my companions mom)? She taught you and some of your siblings at Benamerito! And apparently Grandma and Grandpa partied with their family on New Years! We figured all of this out after Elder Lara saw a picture of me with Grandma and Grandpa and said “I know them!!” Then after some more talking and a letter from his mom, we figured out our families are actually really good friends! It really is such a small world…
Anyways, thats about all I’ve got time for today. I need to go get my haircut! The next time I write I will be in PORTUGAL!!! Thank you to everyone for the letter and packages. You all make me feel so loved! Also I would like to give a big thank you to all the wonderful mothers out there, especially mine. It is because of you all that there is so much faith in the youth of the church today. It reminds me of the story of the 2000 Stripling Warriors. Because of their mothers they did not fear going to war, even though they had never fought before. They knew, thanks to their mothers, that as long as they were faithful, God would deliver them. It is through mothers that children are made strong, so THANK YOU and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Also, a big shoutout to Brooklyn Hanks for getting her mission call to Resistencia Argentina! You will be a fantastic missionary! I love you all so much and hope to hear from you all soon! Tchau!
With love,
Elder Mehl

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Step 5: Enjoy!!!


And tacos too!DSC00276


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