Portugal here I come

Oi amigos e familia!

How is everyone doing? This week has, of course, been fantastic. As you may have noticed, my P-Day has been switched to Friday. Nobody really knows why we switched. I think they were just reorganizing everything to accomadate all of the new missionaries. There are so many of them! Especially Sisters. Last Wednesday there were more Sister missionaries entering the MTC than Elders for the first time EVER! It really is amazing how one small anouncment can make such an impact around the world. Pretty soon its going to be 50/50 Elders to Sisters in the field.

All of the training continues to go well. We have been doing tons of exersices where we teach mock lessons, or do mock street contacts (in portugues of course) and they help a TON. One of my favorite things I have learned is something called “prayer contacting” and apparently the Lisbon Mission President has the missionaries do it a lot. It is basically a regular street contact where the missionaries introduce themselves and briefly explain the message, and then ask the contact what it is they need in life and what is important to them. After learning more about them, the missionaries say a prayer with the contacts specifically blessing them with what they said the need. Can you imagine if two young boys you met in the street did that with you (if you weren’t a member of course). I feel like it would leave such a proufound impact on me that there would be no way I could say no to learning more.

So, I got some really exciting news today… I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS! I am offically leaving the MTC on Tuesday 14 May! I will have two layovers, one in Atlanta the other in Amsterdam, and then arrive in Lisbon at 14:35 on the 15! I will be traveling to Portugal with 43 other missionaries (over 30 of them are sisters). I didn’t even know there were 43 missionaries her going to Portugal until now. I guess that just shows that the Church is growing tremendoulsy out there. I talked to some guys who recently returned from the Lisbon mission and they told me their first year there were about 200 baptisms in the entire mission. The next: over 2000!!! They were averaging at least one baptism a week! And the best part is most of those converts continue to stay strong in the Chuch after baptism. Talking to them made me so much more excited. I cannot wait to meet the people and help them come closer to Christ. Only 11 more days!

Anyways, I hope everything is going well back home! Thank you all so much for the many packages and letters that you’ve sent. They’ve been keeping me alive! Also, here are some pictures of the best district in the MTC! Take care everyone, and don’t forget that God loves you! EVER! Eu amo voces! Tchau!

Elder Mehl

Foto 1: Meu Companhero e Eu
Foto 2: O Distrito




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